Anonymous asked:

wat if u woke up n u were a chicken

Well I suppose it’d be kind of like The Metamorphosis, now wouldn’t it?

If I woke up one day and found I was a chicken, it would probably be awkward at first having a beak and feathers and no fingers. Chickens don’t do much, so it might be rather boring. My periods would be far less messy, on the bright side.

I’d live out the rest of my fowl life pondering not only my existence, but also which came first. I would be frustrated and confused, crying chickeny tears. What would become of me? Would my family know it was me? What does one do with a chicken in the suburbs?

My cat would likely try to annihilate me, my lifespan shortened, my ambitions flushed away, 18 years of existence only to transform into a mere chicken… It seems quite dangerous, waking up as a chicken. I heartily suggest staying as a human.

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