Fuck I just scrolled down my dash and saw an obese man on a mobility scooter, tipped over, and while that may be hilarious to some I just started crying because that’s gonna be my mom someday… She won’t even be able to walk on her own two feet and people are laughing at this

choosechoice asked:

Question for you- if the Jews were not systematically exterminated during Shoah, are all those witnesses lying? And where did those 6 million Jews go?







Yes, they’re lying. A lot of the time their stories don’t even match up.

There is no evidence that 6 million Jews were killed.

Except, you know, the 6 million missing Jews. And the stories you’re saying don’t match up are from different camps at different times…. people have different experiences. And the Nazis kept pretty solid records of who they took into the camps and how many there were.

So did devout Jews tattoo themselves with “random” numbers despite it being a huge violation of Jewish law? 

Gotta love watching these people try to cover their tracks.
It takes a certain amount of willing ignorance to deny something people have admitted too


Holocaust deniers on this fucking site now?

Yes.. yes they are. I wonder if they know holocaust denial is a state of racism because some (white) people decided they didn’t like the information they saw and decided to try and stuff it in a cupboard so no one could hold THAT over their head. I mean, it’s not like you can deny Japanese internment camps or slavery, so why have another thing people can hold against you, right? >.< 

People don’t seriously believe OP, right?

Lili is sitting next to me, daydreams a network,
Spindly wires making their vague connections
As she ponders endless things,
Things that are exclusive to the mind of a young girl.
The network fires signals one direction briefly
Until it leads to a crossroads,
Then changes its unpredictable path suddenly
As different elements become one.
I know she thinks about her brother and her ribbons,
Her network extends to them frequently,
The signals lighting up synapses constantly
With warm thoughts zipping through the connections.
Her network touches her favorite
People, places, flowers, foods,
Anything and everything
She loves.
I wonder if I am s fiber in her network,
A fleeting thought that’s touched by a signal
As she thinks of me
Or if the elaborate labyrinth of connections
Include the wonderful memories I believe we’ve made.
But I’m confident I’m in there somewhere,
In that vast network which is Lili’s daydream,
As I know she is mine.

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