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a couple of years ago, my friends and I went to pick up another friend of ours at her house which wasn’t that far away from mine. as we were walking back, we were just passing this dirt road that didn’t really lead to anything. a dead end. it was winter, so everything was covered white, the leaves were gone and the moon shone brightly that night. anyway, as we were passing, my friend suddenly said, “whoa, what is that?” looking down the dirt road. I thought she was just trying to scare us (or just me. haha) so I told her to shut up. she insisted that something was really there, telling us to look. my other friend who was with us looked and exclaimed, “holy shit! what is that?!” They both started to walk a little faster, getting a little freaked out at what they were seeing, but then I flat out sprinted for my friends house which was just one house down even though I hadn’t even seen for myself. lol

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Fandom: Twilight/Pokemon (Jacob Black/Pikachu)

Jacob picked Pikachu back up and tried to aim his penis for the proper mark. He knew he had hit with the satisfying ‘PIKA!’ that was breathed from the Pikachu as his penis entered its anus. The Pikachu and Jacob were both incredibly horny now, losing control completely for full fleshy desires. Pikachu rode upon Jacob’s thick hard penis with great lustful delight, as it screamed in pure desire.”

Okay Im just gonna say it here instead of in the tags but props to the author for not using a stupid phrase/word for penis and anus

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